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07 September 2006

Giving Up Is Really Giving Back

3:07 PM Posted by steve flores 4 comments
1 Samuel 1:22; 2:11 (MsgB)
1:22"After the child is weaned, I'll bring him myself and present him before God—and that's where he'll stay, for good."
2:11Elkanah went home to Ramah. The boy stayed and served God in the company of Eli the priest.

Once again, all Hannah wanted was to have a child. She prayed to God that if He would give her a child, she would give it back to Him. The child would be dedicated to God and be given up for service to God. God gave her a child (Samuel) and as you just read in the passage above, she kept her promise.

We’ve all done this at some point haven’t we? Or am I the only one? We promise if God would help us out of a situation, then we’d ____________ (you fill in the blank). Have you kept your promise? Are you still holding onto something you should let go?

What strength it took for Hannah to keep her promise! Once you read over these verses, did you catch the emotion? Imagine what she must have been feeling. Samuel was her dream child. Samuel was her love. Samuel was her one day hope. Samuel was her answer to prayer. She was raising a child knowing one day she would have to make good her promise?

And today, God, may the words from my lips, present or past, not be taken lightly. Bring to my memory promises I have made to You, that have not materialized. Also, what you have entrusted to me, what you have given me, help me to honor You with them—Help me change “my” to “Yours”. All I have is because of You. What You’ve given me, help me give them back to You—I don’t want to be selfish and disobedient.

Yes, I sing, but you gave me the voice—use it for You. (I am Your voice)
Yes, I have a lovely wife, but You sent her my way—she is Yours. (She is Your wife)
Yes, I have a great job, but You placed me in the right place when You knew they’d be there—let what I do build Your kingdom. (This is Your opportunity)
Yes, I have a wonderful family, but you designed me to be created and given to Pete and Ella Flores—may I acknowledge the beauty of my family. (This is Your family)
Yes, I have wonderful relationships, but you have placed people on my path to encourage me, affirm me, and challenge me—let them be encouraged by Your presence in my life. (Thank you for sharing Your relationships with me)
May I be mindful, concerned, caring, loving, tender, generous, respectful, honoring, and a good steward of Yours in my life. Amen. Job 1:21B (The Message)

If I prayed to God and I received it, who gave it? God
If I prayed and God gave it, whose is it? His
If it’s God’s and I don’t give it back, whose have I made it? Mine