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05 October 2006

I Will Trust You…even when it’s hard

11:55 AM Posted by steve flores 3 comments
I am overwhelmed at the amount of trust Hannah had in God. All she dreamt about, thought about, and hoped would one day come, was gone. If it were me, I might have responded differently,

“God You weren’t really serious, were You? Do you really want this? I mean, You know how much this means to me. I’ve prayed for it and You answered me. I’ve grown attached to my (fill in the blank). My heart hurts just thinking about…are You really wanting to take something away from me that I’ve always wanted? I know I prayed that this dream, hope or desire is Yours, but why don’t I keep this one this time and give You the next one?”

This is how my prayer would have sounded if it were published by the Bible. Hannah’s was much different. God, help me to trust You and be content with Your plans for my life, songwriting, my dreams, my family, my future home and my profession/ministry. I desire Hannah’s heart.

1 Samuel 2:2-11 (The Message) – Hannah’s Prayer2Nothing and no one is holy like God, no rock mountain like our God.3Don't dare talk pretentiously—not a word of boasting, ever! For God knows what's going on. He takes the measure of everything that happens.

6God brings death and God brings life, brings down to the grave and raises up.7God brings poverty and God brings wealth; he lowers, he also lifts up.8He puts poor people on their feet again; he rekindles burned-out lives with fresh hope, restoring dignity and respect to their lives—a place in the sun! For the very structures of earth are God's; he has laid out his operations on a firm foundation.9He protectively cares for his faithful friends, step by step, but leaves the wicked to stumble in the dark. No one makes it in this life by sheer muscle! 10God will set things right all over the earth, he'll give strength to his king, he'll set his anointed on top of the world!

11Elkanah went home to Ramah. The boy stayed and served God in the company of Eli the priest.