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16 November 2006

God + Me = Intimacy (Psalm 125) pt.2

8:50 AM Posted by steve flores 1 comment
Part Two- for a better understanding scroll down and read part one first

As we landed in Israel (Monday, Nov. 6—4:30 pm) I found myself racked with fear once again, which led to an immediate response of prayer and dependence for the Creator to change my heart and guard us as we traveled throughout this land, His Promised Land. There was an ongoing conversation throughout the day, from one place to another I talked silently with my Lord. At times, amazed at the weight of wonder, being at the place where the Bible had unfolded, yet also at the propensity of fear to grip my heart once again. Night came and before I fell asleep, I opened the Bible to the same verse I found on the plane, Psalm 125. I walked out onto the balcony of my room to read the verses, but this time it jumped through the pages. I had been reciting these verses throughout the day, so they became a part of me as I went from activity to activity. Now, here I am standing on the balcony of my hotel, looking out into Jerusalem, reading a scripture written thousands of years earlier that the writer, quite possibly, could have seen as he penned to paper his thoughts. Although, it was dark and I could only see the lights of the city, it was still a very cool moment, filled with deep meaning. I spent some time with God on the balcony, feeling closer than I had been, yet not just at my location—in Israel—but in my heart because I had spent time with Him all day. I fell asleep, anticipating what tomorrow might bring.

As I woke (Tuesday, Nov.7), I opened God’s word, once again to unrest in my spirit. I never realized how much fear I carried in my heart, until I came to Israel. I don’t know if it was the fact that Israeli military were having a field day in the Gaza strip, the negative attention the American news portrays, pictures of radical terrorists seared into mind, or the fact that my family and friends were thousands of miles away, but I felt it again—fear. I walked out onto the balcony again to read the scripture, I now believe God gave me for my time in Israel, this time it was day time. I saw “the mountains that surround and protect Jerusalem,” (Ps. 125:2) so I believed and trusted that God would “protect his people, both now and forever” (Ps. 125:2). And the very end of the chapter, I prayed the scripture and added a special part for me,

“Lord, let Israel and my heart have quietness and peace today. Amen.”

Short and sweet—that was it. The whole day was like that. As a matter of fact, many of my prayers that week were like that. I found myself praying that God would be with us as we walked in the streets, got into cars, parked in parking garages, drove into neighborhoods, ate meals, left one place and traveled to another. The everyday activity of my life was filled with a desire for God’s presence to be included. Because of fear, I didn’t like going anywhere unless I acknowledged my need for Him. I was being taught true dependence and, honestly, I didn’t like the lesson at the time. I cherish it now. I just wanted fear to give way to peace, but it was fear that kept me intimate.

To be continued....tomorrow