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15 November 2006

God + Me = Intimacy (Psalm 125) pt.1

3:04 PM Posted by steve flores 3 comments
Part One
My recent trip to Israel has taught me a lesson in intimacy. Since a missionary named, Safia Mirza came, on October 1 to our church, I have been rocked on my level of intimacy with Christ compared to what I saw in her. She displayed a sweet, yet passionate spirit that seemed to portray a closeness with Christ that I’ve longed for and, until now, didn’t realize I wasn’t paying the price for it. I say paying the price, but it’s really just doing the necessary to develop that level intimacy. Let me explain.

Since meeting Safia, I have extended my times with God, I have called for a God week, and I have taken smaller chunks of scripture to chew on. On the surface it seems great, but during/after my Israel trip, I realized how self-dependant I had become, throughout my life. The catalyst was fear. Fear helped me realize my dependence on me rather than Him.

Saturday night (Nov. 4), before I went to sleep, I began to pray that God would protect us and guide us on our trip to Israel. The Middle East is a place of political unrest and my heart was much of the same this night—unsettled and racked with fear. I hardly slept. I found myself depending on God to calm my fear, more intensely as the hours passed!

Sunday (Nov. 5—2pm), we are getting ready to leave the church for our trek to Israel, and once again I am racked with fear, so I lift up a prayer, trusting God to relieve my fear, protect our long flight, and give us favor when we arrive. It was on the plane I came across this scripture, Psalm 125,

Psalm 125:1-5 (NLT) A song for the ascent to Jerusalem.
1Those who trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be defeated but will endure forever. 2Just as the mountains surround and protect Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds and protects his people, both now and forever. 3The wicked will not rule the godly, for then the godly might be forced to do wrong. 4O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you. 5But banish those who turn to crooked ways, O Lord. Take them away with those who do evil. And let Israel have quietness and peace.

I took this Psalm as comfort, but I didn’t know how integral that chapter would become throughout my week in Israel.

To be continued...tomorrow