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03 November 2006

Out of Control - James 1:1

12:30 PM Posted by steve flores 5 comments
The very beginning of this book already had me captivated—it only took five words for God to awaken my spirit to connect with His voice.

“I, James, am a slave of God and the Master Jesus…”

Slave? Do I consider myself a slave to God? Or do I at times take control of my life when it seems like I’ve lost control?

These past few weeks, have been a very eye-opening experience for me personally. I’ve witnessed missionaries' (Muslim converts) intimate relationship with Christ fleshed out through their conversation. They ooze God’s love! There was this incredible amount of peace—I wish I could translate it through words. A number of them said, “You have to love Jesus above all. He has to be Your everything. You’re number one!”

We’ve all heard this before, but for some reason this has been doing a number on me lately. I mean really, I’ve been messed up! I can’t stop thinking about their passion, intimacy, sacrifice, love, and devotion. Then it hit me, when I read this verse. I get it, “They are Your slaves God.”

These missionaries trust God with everything—they risk loss of life, loss of family, loss of job, and more. They have given up control of their lives to serve their Master. They share, they love, and they speak, because they’ve been compelled to do so. They are only doing what the Master has told them. They are out of control, out of control of their life, because God’s plan for their life is better.

I realize I have a problem with control. (Hey I’m a man—if I can’t find the remote, then the TV will stay off). I want to be able to control the future of mine and Nat’s life and our future endeavors, but then I’ll live a life of constant worry. This can’t be good—I’ll stunt my potential. Too busy worrying about my little life, rather than God’s BIG story. Oh to be a slave to God!

Lord, here’s my life, my talents, and my abilities. I’m Your’s. You have me. I am Your slave. I will spend time with You, my Master, developing Your heart and Your desires. Never has there been so much peace, than when I’m out of control.

Any thoughts?