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26 June 2008

3 Years!

8:21 AM Posted by steve flores 9 comments
Yesterday Natalie and I passed the three year mark of our marriage. It's really hard to believe three years have passed this quickly. Which reminds me...

Every Tuesday I bring Oscar to work. A group of four other guys around Oscar's age get together Tuesday morning and joke around before they visited hospitals. The group is called, "Coffee, Puzzles, and Bad Jokes" (CP&BJ). The name describes everything we do for about 45 minutes and I hate missing it. Those guys are fun to be around! Anyway, back to what I was talking about before. I could talk about those mornings for a whole blog. I might just do that one day?

Oscar's a great guy and we have a lot of fun chatting and getting to know each other as we drive to church. He moved close to my house when the house he used to live in was destroyed by a tornado about 3 months ago. I told him every time I'm in town I would bring him to church. I really enjoy it!
When he got in the car, this Tuesday, he said, "Today my wife and I celebrate 59 years of marriage." 59 years of marriage! Whoa! That is incredible. I did the math are realized that I got married a little older in life, so for me and Nat to make it to 59 years of marriage I would have to pray for the Lord to keep me alive...I would be 91 years old!

He said, "Time just goes by so fast. I've got a good woman. God has been so good to us."

I guess despite the amount of time collected on this earth, looking back on it, it always seemed like it flew by. I just don't want to watch it fly by. I want to do something that makes me cherish this time that will soon fly by. I want to make each moment count. I want to display the love of my Savior through my life. I want to remember the moments that made me laugh, cry, challenged me and made me stronger. I want to cherish those moments with the woman I'm committed to and the people I journey life

I'll tell you what...this journaling every day has helped me do just that.
P.S. I'm excited about starting another year with my wife. I feel blessed and honored to share my life and love with her. Here's to another year!