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11 July 2008

Lights Out in the Metro...Worship Center

5:08 PM Posted by steve flores 3 comments
We had a lightening storm yesterday and it knocked out the power to Metro Worship Center (our inner-city church). I usually like to get to our building at 3 PM (service starts at 5:30 PM) to anticipate something not in place, the building not cleaned, or something not in working order; little did I know what I would arrive to.

When I arrived and opened the door, I realized our emergency lights were on. We had no electricity! For the next two hours I tried to figure out how to get power back to our building before service time – no luck. As the time passed, I quickly realized we would have to have an alternate plan. Jay Martin, pastor for Metro, and I quickly thought through possibilities. Cancelling service was never an option. He said, “What a great opportunity to show our people we love them so much to cancel service because we don’t have power!” (I love his heart!)

So we had service! Buses arrived loaded with our homeless and our guys in rehab. We greeted them, shook hands with smiles on our faces and the doors to our building were wide open for light. At 5:30 PM Chris France and I, with our band, got on stage and we worshipped! We sang, clapped and offered worship to God. It was powerful. Voices rose singing worship to God – everyone was engaged and passionate! By the time we finished two fast worship songs, we were drenched in sweat, it was a humid day, with no wind and the temperature had to have been low 90’s, but the presence of God filled the room and so did another aroma.

Who needs electricity to worship the Lord?! Our prayer time was powerful, our worship time was powerful, Pastor Jay preached with a flashlight to see his notes and everyone was hanging on his every word! I think it was our best service of the year. It definitely will be one of my favorite services to ever be a part of. God, you’re not really impressed with what I have to offer, just that I offer myself – raw, unfinished, sweaty, broken, faulty, disobedient at times, but genuine. Service tonight was gritty and unrefined...and I loved it!