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08 August 2008


5:47 PM Posted by steve flores 4 comments
Something Paul said in Romans 7:13 struck a cord in me and made me angry.
“Sin used something that is good to bring death to me.” How horrible is it that sin is so pervasive that it will creep into the pure and good things to bring death to our souls, to our passion, to our commitments, to our best intentions, to our worship, to our talents…? You get the idea.

As I type, I can think of people who I love, who I grew up with, who were on the path of righteousness, and who got tripped up when sin entered the “good” thing they had going. Sin is so deceptive, like a snake, slowly creeping, wrapping its body around the soul of a person and tightening until it suffocates and takes life away. Be on guard – be alert. Live a life of passion for God and check your motives. Depend on God. Be careful with flattery. Check your pride. Don’t trust yourself. Live like you’re weak, not like you’re strong. Don’t forsake your Bible reading. Keep open and constant communication with the Creator.

The last few Sundays I’ve been battling allergies. What is even more amazing is how people have come up to me the past two Sundays and communicated how amazing worship was. I’ve even had people tell me that I sound good? But what I hear is not anything appealing. I sound like Snuffleupagus!

I wonder if the allergies allowed me to refocus and spend more time depending on God rather than my talent or ability. I prayed all week for my voice to not be a distraction in worship. This was an in my face reminder that God needs to be the center of my worship. I don’t want pride to step its ugly face and pervert something beautiful as worship of the Creator (That’s what happened to lucifer). I realize the damage that could be done to me, the people I lead and the church I lead. I want worship to be a passionate expression of the humble! I’m in need of God. He’s loves my worship! He loves your worship. Be on guard with me – don’t get comfortable doing good. Stay diligent on making God the priority!