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15 August 2008

Ok, God. I Got It Now.

8:50 AM Posted by steve flores 8 comments
A very interesting thing happened to me at lunch yesterday. The plan was just to go in and out, so I could get back to the office and work. When I walked into Wendy’s I saw a long line and was tempted to walk out, but thought, “I’ll have time to email while I wait in line.” I figured I’d maximize my time. While emailing I had another thought, “What if, to others, I look disinterested in what’s going on around me? What if I miss an opportunity that is around me, because I have my head down consumed by work?” I hate having my head buried in the sand while things are moving around me. If I’m on the phone and walking up to a cashier, I will hang up and call back later. I hate being distracted if there is an opportunity to meet someone or be friendly.

So, I looked around for a brief moment and saw the guy in front of me doing the same thing. I guess that was all the justification I needed. I continued to work. I justified it, because I was still reaching out. I was just using technology to do it. I mean it wasn’t like I was checking my Facebook status! I was giving advice via email!

When I got to the front of the line, I overheard the conversation taking place at the counter. The guy, who was in front of me (the same guy who was also texting or emailing), gave his credit card to the cashier and it wasn’t accepting it. She tried it a couple more times, no luck. The guy was concerned because he asked, “Am I being charged many times?”

He spoke with a foreign accent – sounded like he was from somewhere in Africa. It was at this point the friendly manager came forward and announced, rather coldly, “You have no money in your bank. It’s denied.”

I looked on with sympathy and battled whether to pay for his meal. I didn’t know the guy and didn’t want to spend my cash for the week (Nat and I started a strict budget). I was thinking rather selfishly. I admit, but I didn’t know if he really didn’t have the money and was trying to pull a scam.

With all these thoughts going through my head, the guy asked the cashier, “Where’s the nearest ATM?”

They weren’t very nice to him as they gave him directions. My heart continued to break for him. I felt I needed to obey this nudging in my heart. He seemed helpless. Not only that, but I know I was about to speak at Metro that night and the main principle was, “Our money comes from God.” If my money comes from God, then He’ll supply what I feel He’s telling me to give away.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I stepped up and told the cashier, to add his meal to my ticket. I told him, “You shouldn’t have to leave your food here while you go to an ATM. It’s not a problem for me to just take care of it.”

He said, “Thank you very much, sir.” And then gave me a fist bump, because he clinched his wallet in one hand and his tray in the other.

And just like that I proceeded to order and he went to his seat. I thought, “Was that it? Was that the Divine appointment? Why didn’t I say more about God?! I didn’t have enough time to say what I wanted to say!” I ordered and hoped to talk with him and at least get his name.

After I got my food to-go, I turned around and he stood up to shake my hand. He said, “Thank you again, very much. My name is Steven and I work at North Point Nissan. If you ever need anything, you come find me.”

To that I responded, “My name is Steven also. I work at First Assembly of God here in North Little Rock. If you ever need anything, you come find me too. Steven, I believe God wanted you to know that He’s watching out for you. It was an honor meeting you.” With that I left and he sat back down.

Lord, forgive me for not acting sooner! Forgive me for arguing with You about what is Yours anyway, money. Allow mine and Steven’s path to cross again. Thank you for using me to communicate Your ever seeing eye of compassion. I pray Steven saw You more than me in something as simple as a meal. Give me another opportunity to communicate Your love and I will do better at my reaction time.

Look for the small ways to show love to others.