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01 August 2008

Summertime & BBQ

9:02 AM Posted by steve flores 4 comments
I don’t own a grill, but every summer I wished I did. And for whatever reason, it’s one of those expenses I just haven’t broken down to buy...yet. Either way, when summer time rolls around I think a lot more about BBQ!

In Little Rock, I have a favorite BBQ hot spot, Sims. It’s not an amazing facility. Honestly, it won’t win any awards for its look. But each time I arrive, I hope for a spot to park alongside the building, because the aroma of smoked BBQ seems to overwhelm me each time I step out of the car! The cups are styrofoam, the plates are cafeteria style with sections and the silverware is a little bent, but the experience is always memorable! The building makes it an experience. There are years of grease plastered on the ceiling. The chairs are worn and some ripped. Each time I eat there, I look up at the ceiling and wonder if this is the moment the ceiling caves in! Oh, and each time I enter the building, I just laugh at what is on the door. Check it out!

“The original Sims Bar-B-Que was started in 1937 [off 33rd street – the only location I will go from now on]. Allen and Amelia Sims opened up a restaurant and served bar-b-que with what became known as the world famous “Sims Bar-b-Que Sauce." A special blend of herbs spices and a few other things we like to keep secret.”

It’s not the most attractive place, but I sure love going there. It doesn’t have to be summer time for me to think about Sims. There have been times I’ve been daydreaming, so I’ll call up my friend, Shelby,who shares the same affinity for it and we’ll decide it to be a Sims day.

Shelby, my fellow Sims fan.

It’s those little things that make me smile. Find joy the small things today. Proverbs 15:13 A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.

What is your favorite place to eat, where is it and why do you like it?