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03 September 2008


5:32 PM Posted by steve flores 3 comments
Just thinking about the crazy things me and my brothers used to do. My older brother was the creative genius - I use that term loosely. He'd come up with the most creative ideas and we'd (me and my younger brother) would become the lab rats. We didn't have the most up to date electronics; we couldn’t afford them. So we’d entertain ourselves with the inexpensive, often dangerous, alternatives.

Like the time, my brother tied a rope to the back of his bike and to the handlebars of mine and drove around our back yard with excessive speed. I peddled with lightening speed to keep up only to come to a quick halt when he went one direction around a tree and I went the opposite. Still the worst whiplash I have ever experienced! I thought I was dead for sure.

Another time, my brother had an idea with rope and bikes was to play a limbo game in which my younger brother, Thomas, would make the loop in our background, then duck when he got to the rope. That was the most horrendous clipping my younger brother had ever received and I ever witnessed. He flew of that bike with a loud, “UGH” sound, lying on the ground with a nasty rope burn on his neck! We got in trouble that day.

Or the time he made a gas free go-cart (going green before the term) out of a two wheel dolly, old lawn mower wheels, a few nails, rope and a piece of wood for the axle. He'd pull it up the hill on our block on his bike and then pushed us down. A design flaw would have been no brakes! Or a hard bump causing the front tires to slip off the handle of the dolly and causing us to come to a screeching halt.

Or the ultimate pillow fighting ring - made out of sofa cushions and mattresses. The twist was to grab a pillow case and for 30 secs (the other brother would count aloud for us to hear throughout the house) fill it with clothing, pillows, anything soft and then come to the ring for a match. Too crazy! I blacked-out on one of those matches.

Thank you Lord, we made it out alive. And thank you Jeff for making me laugh today. I truly love my brothers. This little mental journey was fun. There are so many stories…

Got any funny memories to share so we could laugh?