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17 November 2008


8:37 AM Posted by steve flores 2 comments
Ok - so it's been a while since I've typed a blog. When I logged on just now, I actually typed my password wrong in my first attempt - yeah it's been a while. Anyway, just got done with one passionate worship experience in my God time.

I don't play piano well. Actually, I'm self taught and probably do all the wrong things. I know I hold my hands in the wrong position, because I took one semester of piano and the teacher tried to teach me the correct way. It went a little like this, "Hold your hands like this - this is the resting position. This is relaxed and more natural." After a few scales, I told her, "If this is relaxed, then, why are my hands cramping up? It doesn't feel natural?!" I didn't stick with it. Anyway, this isn't the reason I wanted to blog...

So, often, I play worship songs and sing in my God time. This morning, I played a few songs and then I came to a song by Freddy Rodriguez called, "It's in You". I've heard the song a few times and really enjoy the beat and groove. I've even played it a couple times, but it's not a song I would normally play in a God time. I usually want something slow and moving, but I just saw the song and started playing.

As I sung the words, flashes of my life started passing through my mind and something happened in me. Even now, I'm beginning to tear up. As tears streamed down my face, I sang the words to this song and realized, that the unquenchable, unimaginable, and uncomprehensible grace of God has gripped my heart. Anything else and everything else pales in comparison to what I have in Christ. Because I've given my heart to God, what I've found is too much. To think I was happy before Him is a joke! I wasn't happy. I was only coping. Today, I'm rich. No, not money, but joy, true joy!

As I played this song, I realized, I AM PLAYING THIS SONG. Guys, the tears started pouring. I know that doesn't mean much to you, but to me it was incredible. I've always had a dream to one day play and sitting in the closet of my office, I realized that God makes dreams come true. If I never play for an auditorium packed with people, I've got a gift to play for my Creator. He's given me a gift that I can worship Him with.

So when it's all said and done, I got off the chair in my office and said, "God - all I want is you. You are the beginning and the ending of the search for my heart. You hold my heart and are the true desire of my passion. What I am and what I ever hope to be is only found in You. All I want and all I need is in You."

Today, I'm grateful. Sorry for rambling. I just had to share this. Wow! God got me today...