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20 January 2009

Where God is - continued...

8:39 AM Posted by steve flores 4 comments
One of the coolest things happened to one of the singers on the Sunday worship team. She had taken maternity leave and has been sitting out in the audience worshiping right along with us. "We lead on and off the stage," I always say and she's been a great example to see. Anyway, after I posted my blog about where God is, she sends me an email yesterday. She had been concerned about what to sing for a work talent show. I gave her a few ideas, so her email was an update to her work retreat. It only confirms God's location. Thanks for sharing Joani. Here's what she shared.

My work retreat was this past Saturday. I ended up singing Shout to the Lord. This was very different for me and totally out of my comfort zone. I don’t really “perform”, I worship, so I was feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing. What am I saying… I was scared to death!!! Almost to the point of backing out, but on the way to the retreat I started going over the words to the song, “My Comfort, my Shelter, Tower of Refuge and Strength…” I realized at that moment, what I was singing about was exactly Who I needed to trust in. At that point it was no longer about me it was all about Him. I knew there would be people there who didn’t know God, and people who knew God, but didn’t really take a stand outside of church. I realized this is what ministry is really all about. I was still nervous, yet somehow a little more at ease. When it was my turn I just sang my heart out. It was no longer a performance. It was worship (which is what I do and no longer out of my comfort zone.) In those few moments of that song, I sensed God show up. It was amazing. No, there weren’t people with their hands raised or running down to the front to be prayed for, but there was the undeniable presence of God in that little conference room at Alltel Arena. Ya know, it’s easy for me to lead worship at church. There’s a big choir and orchestra behind me, a praise team beside me and Steve in the front. There’s a congregation who, for the most part, loves God and is worshipping right along with me, so I expect God to be there. He’s “supposed” to be there. I’ve learned now, to expect him to show up wherever I go. Not because of something I’ve done or how great I am, but because He just loves me and is there for me when I need Him. What a humbling thought.