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01 October 2009

Dassah’s Smile = My Joy

7:08 AM Posted by steve flores 1 comment
The other day, Dassah was all smiles. She is starting to smile more and more – Nat and I soak each smile in. What an expression! I love watching her and making her smile. Sometimes it’s a kiss on the mouth or the cheek. Sometimes it’s while I’m feeding her; she gazes into my eyes and outcomes a big grin. My eyes light up! She steals my heart with every smile. Her joy brings me joy. It’s really refreshing.
I wonder how much our joy brings God joy. Or better yet, God desires to make us smile – to give us joy. I think because it’s reciprocal. Much like me and Dassah, I want her to smile, because it makes me smile. I wonder if God desires to bring us joy because it gives Him joy. What a thought? Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

The way Nat holds Dassah when she cries brings incredible joy to my life. Not because she’s the one taking care of her, but because Nat’s love for Dassah is being given. When Dassah quiets down, Nat gives me a grin. Those two girls have my heart. Making them smile brings me great joy.

Who can you give joy to? What brings you joy? Give joy, receive joy.