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10 January 2010

Journey to Freedom

2:07 PM Posted by steve flores 3 comments
For the past 4 years, I’ve been working with people battling addictions - one of the many varied meetings I have weekly. I don’t have all the answers and, truth be told, I feel completely inadequate a lot of the time, but it’s a humbling experience to walk with them through their journeys. In working with those battling addictions, you are likely to experience great times of celebration and introspective times of defeat. I’m seen my fair share of both and I would rather, as much as the person battling with addiction, choose the great times of celebration.

One gentleman I work with, battling a porn addiction, has experienced a breakthrough. He has been porn-free since the end of September! That was cause for a great time of celebration!! As we talked, I asked him to share with me like I was someone he was helping to be free from the same addiction. These are the lessons he has learned (I hope you find this beneficial or know of someone who would):

Confession: Confess to God and someone else you trust

Accountability: I don’t want to let the other person down and I know that person could ask me anytime how I’m doing.

Read the Bible: quality not quantity, consistency not just when I have time, helps renew my mind, talk to someone about what I’ve read—it helps to keep it fresh and remember when I need it. Good books to read – James, John, Romans

Talk to God: Sometimes just sit silently and listen to God. Just spend time dialoguing with God.

Set up a meeting to talk through the struggle: Find someone you can talk to about your struggle. Not just for accountability, but for growth.

Recommend a good resource: “Every Man’s Battle” is a good starter. [I also recommend I book I found only at Amazon – Treating Pornography Addiction by Skinner]

Don’t go online alone: place the computer in a public area (living room, open space in dorm, have screen face an open door – don’t hide). You don’t want to give yourself an easy opportunity to fail.

Put in place safeguards: No phone internet, X3 accountability software, don’t stay up late, limit internet use (recreation),

Define sobriety: It’s not just about being porn free, but about purity. Impure things could lead me back to porn, so I’ve got to draw my sobriety line out further. Don’t be in places to compromise purity – magazine aisles in grocery stores, certain TV shows, commercials, songs, what I should/shouldn’t look at, etc.

[Live Weak: This is a motto I seem to being living my life through lately. I want God’s strength not my own. If I live weak, then I don’t tempt my so called strength. If you know you’re weak, you’ll stay away from areas that will cause you to fail. If you can’t bench press 400 lbs, then you’ll never try it and you’ll never get crushed by the barbell slamming down against your chest. If you think you’re strong then you’ll try it and it might cause great harm to you. When it comes to sin, LIVE WEAK! Hey, if you think you are weak, which we all are, then we’ll stay away from the power of sin and eliminate the chances of failure. Join me on the journey of living weak.]

James 4:17 (New Living Translation) - Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.