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24 September 2010

“It’s mine! You can’t have it!”

9:07 AM Posted by steve flores , 2 comments
Jumping around again. If you'd like to read the Bible story first, click here and then read the blog for context.

Matthew 21:1-11 has always made me feel a little uncomfortable. Imagine this happening in modern day. Here’s the scenario: A nervous stranger is seen out of the window of your home hot-wiring (Such a strange term. I always think of a guy with a hot glue gun being crafty under the hood of a vehicle) your car. You walk outside and say, “Hey! What are you doing?!”

He responds, slightly trembling, “The Lord told me to get this car and bring it back to him. He needs it. But, he said you would understand and let me have it…”

What do you say to that?! My first response, call Larry Mickel (officer who attends our church) to assess (arrest somebody!) the situation.

A couple quick observations:
1. Jesus told his disciples to do something outrageous, extreme, audacious, and completely uncomfortable. I don’t believe the point of this story is about “stealing for Jesus,” but about obeying Jesus – even when it makes us uncomfortable. So, what are you refusing to do that you feel He has asked you to do, yet are uncomfortable doing?

2. The owner of the donkey (in scripture) let the disciples borrow it. Are we sensitive enough to know when Jesus is requiring our stuff? Will you give it or doubt and exclaim, “It’s mine! You can’t have it!”