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10 September 2010

Listening to Jesus

5:24 PM Posted by steve flores , 1 comment
So, I want to bring you into my reading journey of Matthew. Some have asked I blog about it (one specifically today-Nathanial Owen), but I can’t promise I’ll be consistent – only that I will try. I encourage you to read along with me, so we can have a great discussion about the Bible.  I promise, Jesus' words will challenge you, make you uncomfortable, and create wonder many times. Welcome to my journey with Jesus’ words:

It seems to me that Satan’s requests of Jesus becomes more outlandish – 1.) turn stones into bread, 2.) jump off this cliff, and finally, 3.) fall down and worship Satan.

I find it interesting on two fronts: 1.) Why did Jesus entertain Satan? 2.) It was worship that made Jesus say, “Ok. I’ve had enough. Be gone.” (my paraphrase)

Isn’t strange that Jesus could have said, “Be gone,” at the very beginning and Satan would have left?  Why did He continue to entertain the devil? I don’t have any answer, but another thought hit me. Satan was offered something that wasn’t his to give, “the kingdoms of the world”.  He didn't create it, so it wasn't his to give. Isn’t that the way it goes?  Sin tempts us with something that doesn’t pay out in the end.  We’re left empty, because we’ve been duped, but Jesus wasn’t falling for it.

Then, the BIGGER thought – Satan obeyed. I know you're probably thinking, “Of course he obeyed, it's Jesus speaking.” True, but the book of Matthew is stocked full of Jesus’ words, commands, and asks, yet at times I’m disobedient. Plain and simple: Satan obeys. I don’t.  Does that make me worse than Satan?