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18 October 2010

Anger Management

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I’m reminded of an old episode of The Office, season 3, called, "The Return". Jim resolves to prank Andy Bernard (The Nard-dog for Office fans) and with Pam's help, he steals Andy's mobile phone and hides it above one of the ceiling tiles. He and Pam proceed to dial Andy's number, aggravating him to the point of insanity. Soon, Michael becomes disturbed by Andy's behavior, calling him "a crazy person" and a "big weirdo creep". The episode continues with much more outlandish antics that eventually Andy is overcome with rage and punches a hole in the office wall. There was a stunned silence as everyone witnessed anger boil over.
Jesus addressed anger too, yet without a comedic spin. He described three different scenarios, each with a consequence. Matthew 5:21-22
1. Anger as a whole is placed on the same playing field as murder. I wonder if it’s because we don’t consider people as human beings when we’re in a fit of rage. We’re attacking, like a predator.
2. Insults are not allowed. This is a power move in which we belittle another, in an attempt to justify our emotion. It becomes a personal attack meant to bring emotional harm to another. Again, no wonder Jesus places this on the same playing field as murder.
3. Name-calling has dire consequences. In Bible times, RACA or “you fool,” was a derogatory statement. Jesus wasn’t having any of it. Again, it’s a power move. Often, heated arguments turn ugly when a person resorts to name-calling – degrading the other person with words. Jesus doesn’t mince words with this consequence – it is hell.
Words are important, very important, especially when you’re angry. Be aware, you and I will be judged for our words – later on in Matthew Jesus mentions “idle words”. This is pretty heavy stuff and I don’t expect you to take it all in now, but check it out for yourself. Realize how important reconciliation is to Jesus and how our responses when we’re angry carry dire consequences.