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11 October 2010

It’s You I Follow

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Matthew 4:18-23

I’m amazed at the willingness and desire of two pairs of would-be disciples to follow someone they barely knew, Jesus. I don’t know the chronological order of events, but by the order of events detailed in Matthew 4, Jesus walked off a mountain where He was tempted by Satan and onto the Biblical landscape. He left his hometown to pursue a place, the bible illustrates, where “people were dwelling in darkness”. But before He ventures into this place of darkness, He came across two sets of people who were doing what they were accustomed to and He propositions them.
For Peter and Andrew this whole experience must have been odd. They were out at sea, obviously within eye and earshot, casting their nets and some stranger screamed out, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” How many of us would've been inclined to listen or dismissed it as a guy who probably had a little too much to drink that morning? Not them. Immediately they followed.
For James and John a similar experience, yet different. They hadn’t left the dock yet. Jesus, and his two new followers, interrupted their preparation to "call” them also. How did they respond? The same way, immediately they followed. But, there was someone else in that boat who didn’t follow. Who? Their father.
Pretty crazy, huh? Would you blame him? I mean, a stranger walks up, while you have 101 things to do and commands you to drop what you’re doing to follow him. You’re focused on what you have to do to make ends meet and consumed with details – you’ve got a deadline. You have a plan and didn’t put ‘interruption’ on the to-do list. Honest mistake, “I didn’t know it was THE Jesus.” What a lost opportunity for the father. I wonder if he kicks himself for not following.
Is our schedule too busy that we don’t allow interruptions and end up not following the commands of the One we call ourselves followers of?
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