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01 November 2010

I’m Not Perfect, But That’s Perfectly Okay

7:38 AM Posted by steve flores , , 1 comment
[Matthew 5:1-12] I want to go back to a piece of scripture I didn’t journal about, so it's a little out of Biblical sequence.

Jesus walks out onto a mountainside, sits down and begins speaking a revolutionary message we’ve coined, “The Sermon on the Mount”. Each “blessed” phrase was a powerful thought then and now; providing comfort, peace, and a new outlook on life. Not to trivialize the thoughts and words of Jesus, but a friend of mine said, “If Jesus tweeted, I could see each ‘blessed’ phrase as a tweet.” I agree. What I love about Twitter is that I am confined to 140 characters, so I have to thoughtfully craft a phrase with the audience in mind. Yet, Jesus had more than a twee saying in mind; He was flipping culture upside-down with His words.

To anyone who asks about my Bible journey, I communicate how I’ve been reading and ask them to join me. I love the discussion that follows. It never fails, I’m challenged by their (your) thoughts. So, a conversation with a teenager a couple weeks ago, about this passage, moved me. I got a glimpse at who Jesus was through her eyes. Here are her thoughts,

“It’s amazing to see how Jesus loved people who felt different, who are different. Jesus walked onto the scene and began talking to people who didn’t fit in and made it feel like it was ok. You didn’t need to be strong, forceful, demanding, or satisfied to be accepted. You didn’t need to know everything to be considered smart or popular to be noticed. Being ‘poor in spirit’, ‘meek’, ‘merciful’, ‘pure in heart’, and ‘peacemakers’ can lead others to ‘persecute you for righteousness sake’. I am different and because of that I feel like an outcast many times. Reading this scripture, I understand Jesus not only accepts me, but calls me blessed. Jesus loves people who are different, who feel alone, and who are hurting. That comforts me.”

My prayer is that you find comfort in the complexity that is you. Read over each phrase starting from verse 3 to verse 11 and ask this question, “Who is Jesus calling blessed?”