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05 November 2010

The Nudge

10:39 AM Posted by steve flores , 1 comment
I just want to share my heart - an attempt at online transparency. I talked with a neighbor and it turned into a God-moment for both of us. I was about to sit down and read my Bible, yet I had this nudge in my heart. I felt the Bible should come to life with action not just sit on my table – “go love (check on) your neighbor”. I’ve pushed away nudges like this before and, in hindsight, they’ve become missed opportunities. I didn’t want this one to slip away only to be replaced with regret.

The truth is I think I’m too busy at times to just cross the street and invest time, I don’t think I have, in getting to know my neighbor. Often times, I sit in my house, read my Bible, pray, and ask God to break my heart for people, yet do nothing. By nothing, I mean doing a lot of some things, yet it sure feels like I did nothing. I’m not sure if that means anything to you? But, I rush through the day gathering school books, making appointments, preparing sermons and worship set lists, reading textbooks, studying for tests, and doing homework, meanwhile, I realize I didn’t make time to see the opportunities that exist continually.

I knocked on my neighbor’s door and was welcomed in. Immediately, as I walked in, I said, “Hey. I usually sit in my house and read my Bible in the morning. I want to check on you, just to see how you’re doing, but inevitably I run out of time. I read about loving my neighbor and realize I do a horrible job of actively living that out, so I didn’t want to do that today. Please forgive me. I opened the Bible, sat it on the table and came over here to let you know that I was thinking about you.” What followed was an amazing, authentic, organic conversation that seemed to affect both of us. He was moved to know someone cared and I was convicted of the many conversations I’ve possibly missed, because I ignored the nudge.

Confession: I’ve disobeyed the times I’ve ignored the nudge.

I can’t rationalize it with busyness or procrastination, because I’ve felt it and chose to ignore it. I heard a song the other day that brought me to tears as I sat at my computer. It’s my prayer, but I wonder if I really mean it or am just giving God lip-service at times. Click here for the song – I pray it moves you to action too.