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20 December 2010

Can You Keep a Secret?

10:47 AM Posted by steve flores , No comments
[Matthew 6:1-6] One word stuck out to me as I read this passage of scripture and that word is, “secret”. Whether it was a good deed or prayer, Jesus instructs and introduces secrecy. The people of that time were used to the religious performing good deeds and praying loudly as an attention grabber or a way to shift their spiritual obesity, “Look what I have and what you don’t.” They fed their already inflated egos and it was neither redemptive nor accomplishing the goal of building the Kingdom. It might have actually been counter-productive.
Can you imagine being one of the religious? This was all they knew, seen modeled, and have been taught. They thought they were doing right. Maybe they even thought, “These non-religious need a little touch of what they’re missing. They need what I have. Look at how blessed we are.” [Enter Jesus]

First, Jesus calls the religious hypocrites and then talks about how what they’re doing should be done in secret – good deeds and prayer. This wasn't the first time they've been called hypocrites or pointed out their wrongness (made up this word, hope it catches on). No wonder they didn’t like Jesus. Every time He saw them, He called them a hypocrite and pointed out how they were wrong. Would you like someone who talked down to you or made you feel like you were not matching up or…? Wait a second. Do you think Jesus treated the religious the way they treated the non-religious? When Jesus shifted His spiritual weight, the religious squirmed. No wonder they wanted to crucify Him. He made them feel like they weren’t as special as they thought they were. This sounds like the first time Jesus turned tables. The next time He does, it's not figurative.

The secrecy concept was a great, because He knew they were only doing it to point to themselves and not God. Secrecy ensured people felt valued, not used. It built God’s kingdom, not theirs. It was redemptive and it kept motives pure. God gets the credit and gives the reward.