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10 December 2010

Who’s leading you?

9:11 AM Posted by steve flores , No comments
[Matthew 5:45-48] Can you look at an individual and determine who their leader is by their actions? When people decide to better themselves, they'll usually choose better influences and those decisions may range from trashing musical influences, choosing better close friends, staying away from certain establishments, to becoming more consistent in church attendance, reading self-help books, setting up counseling appointments, consistent Bible reading and prayer life. The opposite is also true, negative influences bring about negative actions. Most of the time, it’s pretty simple to see who’s leading who, but sometimes it could get muddy, especially when they say one thing and do another; hypocrisy. But, there is a realization and it’s this: I follow, in action, who leads my life (deep, I know-sarcasm). The bigger question for people, like me, who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ is this: “Do I look like Who I say I follow?”
The previous two posts were about how Jesus instructed His followers to react and respond with enemies or when we face persecution. Immediately verse 45 tells us why it is important, “so that you may be sons [or daughters] of your Father who is in heaven.” Our response communicates who we are connected to and who we say we follow. Then, Jesus takes a moment to use an example as He finishes up verse 45.
“For [GOD] makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”
“Wait a second, God! So, you’re telling me your love extends to ALL people?! Even those who say, ‘Happy Holidays,’ those who vote opposite my political party, those who want to harm me, those who outright degrade and defame your name, those who do egregious sins, those who…” And I can almost hear Him respond, in a soft, mellow, compassionate tone, “Yes.”
Of course we KNOW God’s love extends to ALL, but often times, OUR tones aren’t very loving. Our opinions, expressed in words, typed or spoken, don’t convey the example of the leader we follow. What did Jesus say God did at the end of verse 45? Also, take some time to read verses 46 and 47 to see how Jesus cements this concept further. Then, Jesus wraps up the chapter, in verse 48 with a hefty command,
“You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. “
In context, Jesus was talking about love, but with the word, “as” he was communicating our leader. Take a love inventory and discover, who’s leading you?