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13 January 2011

Danger in Beauty?

7:00 AM Posted by steve flores , 2 comments
When I arrived home from church, around 3:00 P.M., January 9, 2011, I was welcomed by a constant barrage of snow.  Driving onto my driveway, the sight of white snow dusting my lawn and Natalie and Dassah walking around in it brought a smile to my face.  Dassah was bundled up unknowingly followed by paparazzi (Momma) and she didn’t seem too fond of the falling snow either.  When I opened my car door, I heard, “No! No! No!” and saw Dassah’s tiny, glove-covered finger wagging in the air; a futile attempt to make the snow stop.  After Momma captured a few more digital memories, we took her words as a cue to go inside.  Once inside, we opened the front door and through the glass door watched the snow continue to fall with intensity.  Quickly, our driveway, the street, and my car became covered.  Viewing the falling snow from the entry way of our home, I thought about Natalie having to drive in the winter wonderland the next morning; appreciation for beauty was interrupted with worry. 

I looked at Nat and with reflection asked, “Isn’t it amazing how something so beautiful could be so dangerous?”

The beauty and wonder of the snow falling would pose driving challenges and those challenges would be made very real to me in the next few hours for my wife.  As a nurse, she doesn’t get “snow days”.  While other people were excited about the snow, I found myself becoming hesitantly cautious about it.  To make matters worse, I watched car after car lose control on our street.  But the question I asked Nat made me think about the similarities in life.

Often times, when we see beauty, we lunge forward throwing caution to the wind.  It’s like the driver who thinks THEY know how to drive in this stuff, so they speed down the road only to lose control and nearly take out others.  Thanks to them, I now have to change my underpants when I get home.  It’s foolishness.  We do that; I’ve done that at times.  Even with the good things, the beautiful things, we can under estimate and forsake wisdom leading us to become careless, blinded, and misled.  And, it may not be that they are dangerous, but sometimes I am with them.  Not to breed worry, but to advise wisdom; share the beautiful things with others who care about you and love you. They may provide the caution you need to enjoy the beauty, without being careless with it.
Dassah's 2011 Snow Experience - January