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04 January 2011

Lessons from My Solo Grocery Adventure

10:29 AM Posted by steve flores , , 1 comment
I'm taking a humor break to share with you my recent trip to the grocery store.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, but I haven't been to the grocery store, alone, since Natalie and I got married.  We married in June of 2005. Even before marriage, the grocery list was short - hot dogs, cereal, milk, tortillas, OJ, apples, bananas, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, bread - what else do you need, really?  Anyway, with the list Nat gave me and the years passed since I've been in a grocery store alone, the anxiety level was high (kind of like a first date sort of feeling).  I circled back to certain areas many times; not realizing what else I needed was where I just left. I'm sure a more seasoned, grocery-shoppin' veteran would have completed the task more efficiently. Well, I learned a few lessons while there (in no particular order):

1. If you're in the customer service industry and you have a mouth use it to smile.
When I used to shop at the grocery store, solo, I didn't like going to self-checkouts.  I like the face-to-face communication, maybe it's the whole thought of knowing and being known, either way I usually enjoy it. After today's experience, I may reconsider. I was already nervous, so I was looking for a comfortable, caring, warm smile from my cashier. I passed up the self-checkouts to meet her. When I saw a stoic face, I tried to make her smile. I have a feeling she wasn't interested in small talk, just getting me out of her line. Bad last impression.

2. The best time to shop is early in the morning
And not for the reason you might be thinking, I'm just glad no one saw me go back to the produce area 4 TIMES!  Who knew that much stuff was in the same general area?!  So, if you're like me and fear the embarrassment of failure, shop early.

3. I'm convinced the majority of my grocery money is spent on plastic bags!
I probably purchased about 17 items and I came home with 8 plastic bags with groceries.  A couple of bags only had two items in it - seems wasteful to me and someone is paying for that! 

4. I think a grocery store should invest in a computer wall
If that computer came equipped with the technology to enter my list and give me the shortest route, I'd take the time to input.  I think it's a great idea and if there was a bagging class, maybe the saved money on bags could buy the system. Just an idea.

5. What happened to the grocery store samples?
Not really a lesson, but a familiar friend I missed.  What happened to the sliced sausage pierced with a pretzel?!