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23 March 2011

Book Review – Poke the Box by Seth Godin

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I follow Craig Gross, pastor of XXXChurch, on Twitter.  The guy challenges me.  He and Mike Foster created to reach out to people in the porn industry and those who struggle with pornography addictions.  It was something new and highly criticized – still is.  I admire Craig’s passion and desire to make a difference.  From time to time, he’ll tweet a book he’s read or is reading.  Last week, he tweeted about being challenged by “Poke the Box,” by Seth Godin.  His 140 character review ignited a desire to go to Amazon and order the book. 

Poke the Box by Seth Godin is a quick 83 page read, with very challenging and inspiring content.  From the first two pages, it hooked me with the story of Annie.  Page 2, “She wasn’t handed initiative, she took it…She became someone who starts something, someone who initiates, someone who is prepared to fail along the way if it helps her make a difference.”

The book states that it is a manifesto about producing something that’s scarce, and thus valuable.  If you’re looking to create something new, have thought about doing something that has never been done before, and are wanting a kick in the pants to get it done, then YOU NEED THIS BOOK.  It is written from a business perspective, but many parallels could be drawn and applied to any situation—personal, spiritual, economical, etc.  I was completely engaged from start to finish – a little over an hour.  I couldn’t put it down.  And for an 83-page book, I typed 5 pages of quotes.  Pretty impressive.

Negative: With this being the first book I’ve read from this author, I didn’t (and still don’t fully) understand the uses of some of his coined words (i.e. ship, shipped, shipping).  That’s it, my only negative.  

I’ll leave you with these quotes:
“Good enough” used to be the definition of quality….Then the quality revolution hit and the market defined quality as “without defects”….Just about everything on offer—from car to iPad—does exactly what it’s supposed to….Quality is not so interesting anymore.  If you have quality and they have quality and that’s all either of you offers, then you’re selling a commodity, and I’ll take cheap, please.  Move beyond quality and seek remarkable, connected, and new. –p.20-21

The cost of being wrong is less that the cost of doing nothing.  –p.29

If you’re not making a difference, it’s almost certainly because you’re afraid. –p.76

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