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16 March 2011

Coffee Confession – Venti disobedience with a double shot of conviction

7:42 PM Posted by steve flores , , 1 comment
January 11, 2011 Natalie and I decided to fast for thirty days. The final twenty-one days we did a Daniel fast – we adjusted some of the diet.  Personally, the twenty-one day fast was more difficult than the thirty day food fasts I’ve done in the past.  Eating only fruit, veggies, and eliminating spices and sugars (except for natural sugars) was a stretch out of my normal diet.  It was horrible and I’m ashamed of my diet prior to the fast.  Maybe one day I’ll post a blog with the lessons I’ve learned. 

I always want to be more sensitive to hearing God’s voice than I was prior to the fast.  I usually walk away from a fast with a few guiding principles, that I feel God impressed in me, and change my lifestyle to reflect it.  Brace yourself for the life-altering way God spoke to me: coffee habit.  I never thought of myself as having an addiction to coffee, but over the last 5 years of marriage I’ve developed a minor habit of coffee drinking.  I’m not entrenched in a full on coffee addiction.  I can’t tell the difference in beans or don’t have a favorite Barista at Starbucks, but I was a little disappointed in my desire for caffeine to add that special kick in my life.  I’m not trying to heap conviction on those of you who do (that might be the Holy Spirit); I’m just sharing.  When the fast was over, I decided to only drink decaffeinated coffee, for at least for a year.  In the United States federal regulations require that in order to label coffee as "decaffeinated" that coffee must have had its caffeine level reduced by no less than 97.5 percent.  Decaf should range somewhere in the 2-4 milligrams of caffeine per cup range (your fun fact for the day).  So technically, I wasn’t going caffeine free, but I felt it was a good decision to honor God in my conviction. 

Since that decision, I have gone back on my word.  This is my online confessional.  I’ve done the hard stuff about 4 times since I made the decision, not including the two times (Friday and Sunday) I’m about to share.  In total, 6 times.  I know, I know, I’m equally disappointed in myself as you might be.  Especially, since I told Natalie on Tuesday (March 8th) that I could do without regular coffee for a long time.  

I want to confess how I think God was trying to get my attention and how I ignored it.  If you’re interested in hearing how it turned out, subscribe to my blog (top right of this page is a box, labeled "subscribe").  I’m not going to post how it turned out, but rather send an email to my subscribers.  It’s a transparent look into the wacky, genuine way I feel God was chastising me to listen and obey.  I will send the email Friday.