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25 March 2011

My Life is Your Canvas/I Want to Be Used By You

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On Monday, March 21 of this year, I did something I've never done before.  My friend Guy Delcambre and I talked about it in January.  He challenged me to do it and I finally did, Monday.  It was one of, if not the most, powerful moments I've ever experienced.  I’m still processing all that happened – what I felt I heard, what I wrote, what I left there, and what I left with.  I went to a cabin, withdrew from city life, and silenced distraction.  Isolated, I sat, opened my heart and my ears, poured out my dreams, and listened for the still, small voice of God.  It was monumental, deep, and many more adjectives that I could probably fill the page with.

I’m grateful to a few people who were instrumental for such an incredible God moment:
Guy – for inspiring me and pushing me to make this happen
Joe – for a conversation in the hallway of our church that turned into a doable possibility
Mindy – for passing along the information
Gary and Linda – for offering a place to stay, no questions asked and quickly responding to a need in my life.
Pastor Rod – for allowing me to take the day to dream, gain some and lose some
Natalie – for praying for me, changing schedules and driving routines, and being on this adventurous journey called life.

I am journaling through my reflections and look forward to sharing some of my experience.  More than likely, it will be “subscribers only” information.  So, if you haven’t subscribed to receive email updates each time I post a new blog post, then enter your email in the box at the top of this page labeled, “Enter Your Email Address”.

Here’s one of the songs that moved me, late Monday evening.  I wish I had the audio for you to hear.

My Life is Your Canvas
By Clint Brown
© 2003 Judah Music Factory

My life is Your canvas, so paint
Tried it on my own 
and it turned out all wrong
So with Your hands of mercy
gentle hands of grace
You select each color
Fill in every space. 
I don't want to risk it to fate
My life is Your canvas so paint

Then Clint Brown (the artist singing the song) ties it into one of my favorite worship songs:

I Want to be More Like You
© 1990 Integrity’s Hosanna! Music

I, I want be more like You, Jesus
I, I want be more like You
I want be a vessel You work through
I...I wanna be more like You