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13 April 2011

Wisdom: Hearing AND Following – pt.2

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Because I know you care, last night the Spurs played their second to the last game of the season against the Lakers and lost by 9 points (93-102).  Such a discouraging loss, especially as I write this blog post.  I do have a feeling they will meet again in the playoffs though.  Hopefully, the outcome will be in the Spurs favor...pray with me. 

And now the continuation from the previous post.

It seems foolish to have listened to the wisdom of Coach Phil Jackson for one month, then come game time, sit in the stands and watch it with a hotdog, dill pickle, and soft drink.  All that wisdom, yet doing nothing with what you learned.  Hearing wise words doesn’t make you wise, following them does.  Here’s what Jesus said, Matthew 7: 26-27,

But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

I’m not a builder, yet if I did build my own house, it would seem foolish to build it on sand.  Call it common sense, I guess, but sand doesn’t seem stable.  Foolish means, lacking sense, forethought, or caution.  Caution, now there’s a good word for a mental picture. 

Ever seen this sign?
It would make sense to use wisdom when we see this sign.  So we don't slip, we might walk more carefully--a little more flat-footed.

Or this sign?
Again, it would make sense to use wisdom when we see this sign.  This sign lets the driver know that there is a very sharp curve ahead.  Curves at fast speeds may cause you to lose control, flip over, or run off the road.  Using wisdom: to not pretend to be a race car driver and slow down.

Those are caution signs.  Sometimes Jesus spoke of cautions, but what about following any words Jesus said?  You know, the things that we (followers of Jesus) see as options, yet Jesus communicated as musts.  Here are a few:
·         Be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-15). 
·         How to handle and resolve anger (Matthew 5:21-26).
·         Purity regarding lust and looking (Matthew 5:27-30).

Those are just a few I blogged about, but there are many more.  If you want to see what Jesus said up to this point in my blog, then pick up the Bible, turn to the book of Matthew chapter 4 (first place documented of Jesus’ words), and begin reading.  If you’re interested in reading the ones I’ve written, click here.

There are two questions really that rumble around in my head after reading this passage.  If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, have you discovered what Jesus said, so you can, truly, follow?  And the second question, are you treating His commands as options rather than musts once you’ve discovered what Jesus said?   If you answered ‘no’ to the first question, then it’s not the wise choice.  If you answered 'yes' to the second question, then that's not "hearing AND following".  You don't need me to tell you it's unwise.  (I'm not writing this as if I've got it all together.  It's still a gut-punch to me.  I need to do better at being wise.)