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17 May 2011

End of the World, Saturday. Wait! What?

5:04 PM Posted by steve flores 5 comments
A friend of mine posted on Facebook about people being “shook up because the world was ending Saturday (5.21.11).”  I had never heard about this, so I did a little searching and found an article online citing the story.  Apparently, Harold Camping has cracked the code for knowing when the world would end…something not even Jesus knew. Click here for the story.

“Camping based it on years of studying the Bible, and a math equation based on what he believes is the date of Christ's crucifixion.”

Matthew 24:36, gives clear biblical indication to what our stance should be on the end times, “I don’t know.”  It seemed like a good answer for Jesus.  Why must people be so consumed with the world ending?  I think we should consume ourselves with living to touch lives, making a difference, and sharing love while the world still exists.

What are your thoughts on the end of the world this Saturday?