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10 May 2011

You'll Never Know

4:48 PM Posted by steve flores 1 comment
At the risk of sounding needy, a few weeks ago, someone sent me a text that read, “You’ll never know the impact you’ve made.”  My first thought was, “I’d like to know, though.  I don’t want to never know (Double negative, I know).”  Within a few minutes after receiving that text, I received another text, from another person, making sure I knew the difference I had made in this person’s life.  It was a little more detailed.  As I said in a previous post, I’m not usually one of those guys who needs constant ego boosts, to be told he’s doing a good job, or the guy who fishes for affirmation and encouragement, but hearing and knowing how I’ve made an impact in someone’s life touched me.  I made a vow to not use the phrase, “You’ll never know,” yet also “make known” how a person has greatly influenced my life.

“You’ll never know” sounds forever.
“You’ll never know” sounds like you’re not taking the time to share.
“You’ll never know” makes me wonder what I’ll never know.

I wondered if I’ve used that statement before, because although I understand the sentiment, I don’t think it accurately conveyed what I thought it did.  I wonder how many influential and integral people “never know” how they have made an impact in my life.  Because, as soon as a person made known, in words, the impact I’ve made, it fired me up and humbled me in the same moment.  I know it’s just a figure of speech, but maybe we should fix it.  For someone who strategically, methodically, selflessly, tirelessly, patiently, and whole-heartedly gives their time, energy, emotion, prayers, money, and words for the betterment of others, “you’ll never know” somehow doesn’t seem appropriate.  Knowing gives a second wind, an adrenaline boost, a willingness to keep going, and an outrageous amount of encouragement. It did for me.

Who is/are the person(s) who have made an impact in your life?
Have you told them lately? 
If not, take the time to do so before the week is over.  I pray you receive an email, text, Tweet, or Facebook message this week, making known the impact you’ve made.  It’s refreshing.