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30 June 2011

Inconsideration (pet-peeve) – pt. 3

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 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
-Matthew 7:12

And the final installment of Inconsideration...

Inconsideration, my definition, is lacking the awareness of or failing to acknowledge that other people exist in the world other than one’s self.

Listening to music from your phone, without headphones
As I walked through a store, I heard music, yet not what I would have expected coming from overhead.  Usually music pumping through the overhead speakers is tamed and filtered to be appropriate for all ages; what I heard was neither appropriate for all ages nor coming from overhead, more horizontal and moving toward me.  I was taken aback.  This was the first time I ever witnessed this inconsideration, pounding beats, nearly blowing the speaker, with a lyrical line laced with profanity.  A woman DJ’d to all within earshot as her cell phone sat on her purse in the front of her shopping cart, yet she wasn’t taking requests.  She just hit play and let’er fly.  It really doesn’t matter what music (clean, vulgar, classical) you’re bumpin’ from your phone, car, or the headphones blaring as they dangle around your neck.  Unless you are a DJ for an elevator or your name is Muzak, I don’t want to hear it.  I bet others don’t either. 

Eating Corn-nuts in a long car ride. 
I was a Junior High pastor for years and inevitably, on a road trip, a junior higher would buy a bag of Corn Nuts, open the bag, and subject the rest of us to the stench.  Confined areas and Corn Nuts do not mix.  For that matter, confined areas and strong smells do not mix, either.  So, while I’m at it, let me add a few to the list: Acetone (this is a car ride, not a nail shop on wheels), farting/burping contests, morning breath (over-night car rides, be prepared and pack gum in the console), and Durian.  Easiest way to remedy this inconsideration, ask permission or bring gum.   

Extending your hand to shake mine, after stepping out of a bathroom stall
Men, this not appropriate, ever.  It may seem like a kind gesture, but it is an uncomfortable proposition.  I feel slightly guilty for declining your handshake.  I shouldn’t, but I do.  In the event that we recognize each other, a simple, “hello,” or wave will do.  When you walk out of a bathroom stall, only one task should be next on the agenda, wash hands.  And, if you skip this task, don’t even get me started…

Staring at my wife, especially when I’m a few steps behind.
Often, I purposely walk a few steps behind my wife to see which perverts are checking her out.  It is not that I enjoy it or that it fills me with pride that other dudes are looking at my wife, because I don’t and it doesn’t.  I want to build a case and reinforce to me that I am not the only one who notices.  There are other people-watchers in the world.  There are two things I would like to do in that situation, really three.  One: break eye contact, wink at the guy, and give him the same stare he was giving my wife—just to make him feel as uncomfortable as he makes my wife feel.  Two: grab the skin of an orange, bend it, and have the mist spray him in the eye.  Three: punch him in the face. 

People whose cell phones ring after an announcement has been made to silence cell-phones.
I am certain the ones who need to hear this announcement are either texting or talking on the phone and miss this announcement.  I can’t imagine someone who heard this announcement respond, “Are you kidding me? Silence my cell phone.  What kind of place is this that takes away my freedom?”  Without a doubt, someone’s cell phone will ring, either he has a deep pocket or her purse is too cluttered, and it’s like searching for the Holy Grail; it’s nowhere to be found.  In the meantime, we listen to cackling geese, cats meowing, a nuclear meltdown buzzer, a top 40 song or a snippet of How Great is Our God.  Aren’t you glad we got rid of those original annoying ringtones?  Tip: Anytime you walk into a public place, make it a habit to switch to vibrate.  Repeat offenders, you should know better. 

Double parking.
How hard can it be to look back and see you if your vehicle is parked over the white line?  Or worst, when I come outside to discover the only way back in my car is through the window or the trunk!  I know I shouldn’t admit this, but I want to duct-tape their doors shut.  I want them to experience the inconvenience I did as I had to think thin and squeeze into the five inch opening, banging my head against the door and then the door frame (and repeat, as I reacted to each head bump again).   Can something be done about this?  How long must this go on?  My solution: Bring back Polaroid cameras and take a picture.  Then, wait in your car until they return.  Follow them home, at a safe distance, to discover where they live.  In the middle of the night, return to their home with about four cinder blocks and stack them outside their driver’s side door or their front door.  Tape the picture to the cinder blocks.  In the white bottom part of the Polaroid picture, write these words, “How does it feel?  Inconsiderate?  Then, quit it!”

Remember the golden rule and live life aware of others.  I might just write about you.