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01 June 2011

Matthew 8:14-15 – Jesus Cares About Family

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After Jesus walked off the mountain, flipping the world upside-down with His teachings, I can’t imagine how busy work must been for Him and the disciples.  Immediately, He was met with His first task—healing a leper.  The next task—healing the servant of a centurion.  I’m sure there were more that weren’t chronicled, so the disciples had to be tired.  I wonder if they knew just how busy and crazy life was about to become.

Insert Matthew 8:14-15, Jesus walks into Peter’s house and discovers Peter’s mother-in-law sick with a fever.  I wonder, “How long did Peter know about his mother-in-law’s illness?  Was Peter’s wife telling him to come home, because her mother was sick?  Did her husband’s incredibly busy schedule and the demands of his new adventure paint Jesus as an insensitive, slave-driving boss?”  I wish I knew, because it would add some context for the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law. 

Here’s what I can take away from this passage:  Jesus made time to stop at Peter’s house and heal his mother-in-law.  Soon after that event, Jesus went back to work with the masses (verses16-17).  I wonder if Peter might have been unfocused, unproductive, and not one hundred percent dialed into the demands of his new adventure knowing his wife’s mother was ill.  We don’t have to find out, because Jesus made time for Peter’s family. 

Are you making the time to care for your family?  I understand life is busy.  It doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.  Does your family know you care about them with the things you do?  Chasing dreams, goals, and purpose takes sacrifice.  Everyone should fully understand the sacrifice, but does your family also see the sacrifice you make for them or are they just accustomed to being the sacrifice?