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23 July 2011

EXPERIENCES affect Identity – pt.6

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“I saw a man chase a hat that had blown off someone’s head into the street. A car hit him and killed him.  I think it’s amazing that a person could lose everything, chasing nothing.” –Andy Andrews

Repeating the last line from the previous post:
Seeking acceptance from others to bring to life a struggling identity kills the identity you were created for. 

This is especially true in our relationship with Jesus.  We live our lives in church where someone (a pastor) feeds us scripture and experiences, so we eat and we never create our own experiences.  We leave it up to the pastor to create them for us.  Maybe, even this blog.  There is no personal Bible reading.  No desire to surrender to Jesus, to create a real life-change.  Our parents or leaders may be passionate about Jesus, so we rely on them to tell us when we are off-track.  When facing a battle, we have no stable ground to stand upon and might even question if we ever really believed in Jesus.  Why?  Because, we were too busy walking around in someone's stuff!  We haven't owned it yet.  We haven't become familiar with our own experiences.  Often times, we desire to trade our negative experiences for someone's positive ones. 

You can’t live life through other people’s experiences and identity.  You are unique and so are your experiences.  Discover them, create them, and learn from them.  Although other people are inspiring, unless you do something with what you have, you are merely a dreamer, wishing you had accomplished great things.  David knew himself well.  He knew he couldn’t use Saul’s stuff, because he wasn’t Saul.  The same goes for you.  There is only one you and we all need to experience what you have to give.  Discover it.  I want to experience what you have to give.  So, for the sake of all who need to learn from the wisdom of your experiences, including me, discover, create, and learn from them.  Use the wisdom of godly leaders, but create your own experiences.

Taken from Soul Print, by Mark Batterson: God created you to be unique.  You have forty-six chromosomes.  Twenty-three are from your father and twenty-three are from your mother.  And it’s the unique combination of chromosomes that determines everything from the color of your eyes to the number of hairs on your head.  Your identity is part heredity (family) and part the image of God.  The image of God is both your heredity (family) and your identity.  Have you ever thought about that?  We look like God!

The mathematical probability that you would get the exact twenty-three chromosomes you got from your mother is .5 to the twenty-third power.  That’s 1 in 10 million.  But the same is true for the twenty three chromosomes you got from your father.  So if you multiply those two together, the probability that you would be you is 1 in 100 trillion.  But you also have to factor in that your parents’ chromosomal history had the same probability, and their parents, and their parents’ parents.  You are so unique that it cannot be calculated!  And, thus, so are your experiences.