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11 July 2011

FAMILY affects Identity – Part 6

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David embraced his identity and received the recognition from the king, but it wasn’t just an identity he built himself.  David had a very close relationship with God and spent many days and nights with sheep, writing poems and songs to God.  Those times with God defined David and shaped his identity.  God was more than a figure to David, but friend, mentor, and coach.  So, when David heard Goliath bad-mouthing the people of God, it angered him.  He didn’t see this as a moment to define his identity, God did that.  When David faced adversity, he saw it as a moment to elevate God. 

I’ve witnessed some students follow in their brother and sister’s footsteps—doing some of the same stuff they did.  It is a strange attempt to define their own identity by molding into someone else’s.  Often, it turns out bad.  If you are a student or an adult, you have to be honest with yourself.  I know you love your family, but, if your family members are not doing the right things, do you want to end up where they are?  Honestly, think about it.  If you don’t, then you need to change.  David changed.  He was different than his brothers and it landed him a meeting with the king, ultimately becoming the king of Israel.  But, he decided to not follow in his brothers footsteps.  David wasn’t trying to be like his older brother or even one-up him.  If David had, he may have never met with the king or faced Goliath, because Eliab was too busy hiding from Goliath to be noticed by the king.  By spending time with God, David seemed to avoid the low self-worth his family could have produced.  Remember this pervasive point: God ultimately shapes your identity.

When we decide to surrender our lives to Jesus, he adopts us into his family.  We have more than just a flesh and bones family here, but we also have a spiritual family in Jesus.  It may sound silly, but David understood his connection with God directly affected who he was and ultimately who he became.  I don’t know what your family life is like.  I can’t assume that it is a bad one.  Many have great families with tons of support and tons of love.  I hope you have a family like that.  I hope you create a family like that.  But you might not have a family like that or have grown up in a healthy, uplifting, encouraging, family.   I don’t want your identity be shaped by just one family.  If family members are making horrible decisions and their future isn’t looking good, you don’t have to follow them.  Take a lesson from David’s story, change.  The truth is, family can affect your identity in a positive and negative way, BUT you have a choice on how it will.