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26 August 2011

A Break of Sorts

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First, thank you for following my blog.  I try to be short and concise, to value your time, but I also strive to inspire.  And, do my best to follow Matthew 28:19.  I pray you make it a priority to do the same, in whatever voice or means possible.  I am going to take a break on blog writing, really all creative writing for a while.  I will not be as consistent as I would like.  There are a few new adventures that are beckoning and that will require loads of my time.  I hope to write one blog a month, but "hope" seems like a HUGE word to me right now.  If you desire to read a blog-post when I update, then subscribe to the right of this paragraph. 

Again, thank you for your support, your kind words, your input, and your affirmation on this writing journey.  I sincerely hope to join the ranks of the blogosphere with greater purpose, passion, and intentionality. 

And now, the reason for my inconsistency...

I am enrolled to complete a Master's in Social Work in three years.  Although, I am very excited about it, it will be an undertaking.  I just finished up my first week and it was overwhelming!  I’ve heard of how busy Master’s work is, but never thought about how much creative time this journey is going to cost me.  If it was just about accomplishing tasks, then I can do that, but this is tons of research, writing, reading, group projects, more research, and more reading.  In a span of 10 hours, within two days, I pretty much read a 200 page book!  And that was just to be ready for one class, next week.  I’ve received the syllabi and both classes are pretty intensive.  I’ve had to restructure my life for the year, especially this semester, to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.  What makes matters heavier is that I am on academic probation, because of low GRE scores and GPA scores.  If I fall lower than 3.0 GPA for the year, I’m out.  No questions asked.  Nothing lower than probation status.  I was also planning on running a half-marathon in October and have been training for it, but, after talking with a professor who is a runner, she advised that it wasn’t a good idea – bummed about that.  After evaluating the course load, the only creative writing time I will have to allot is for Metro (inner city church I co-lead) weekly sermons.  

This journey, along with other factors, will teach me and my family to sacrifice.  We're a little excited and nervous about it.  We would appreciate your prayers.  I hope to be back blogging soon.  Although, I will be writing, pretty extensively, it will not be the kind of writing I will like, nor will you want to read.  Academia writing....blah!