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14 August 2011

WORDS Affect Identity – pt. 4

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David didn’t even get a “thank you,” for bringing lunch to his brother.  David was obeying his dad by bringing his brothers lunch and Eliab became angry at David.  Why was Eliab angry?  David heard Goliath bad-mouth God’s people and spoke up that he would take on the giant.  This is what made Eliab respond this way, “Why have you come down? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness?”  I might have snapped back, “To bring you lunch!  And, what are you doing hiding in your tent?  I thought you were supposed to be a soldier fighting a battle not hiding in your tent like a little girl!”  David can’t be happy with Eliab and, possibly, discouraged from ever doing another good deed for his brothers again!

Eliab was not focused on what David brought; he was focused on what David said.  It didn’t sit well with Eliab that David was upstaging him, even though that wasn’t David’s intent.  The problem for Eliab was that David was getting attention and he wasn’t.  There’s a lesson to learn: There will be people close to you who do not want you to make a positive change—change anyway.  When you make positive changes, it exposes other people’s negatives.  Sometimes, people want to make positive changes, too.  Sometimes, people don’t like it and when they don’t like it, they usually try to discourage you.  But, change anyway.

It seemed Eliab didn’t want David to be a soldier like him.  He didn’t encourage David to reach for bigger, better things.  He discouraged David with his words by embarrassing him in front of his military buddies, reminding him that he was nothing more than a shepherd.  Words from family and friends can affect your identity, but, thank God, David didn’t allow his older brother’s negative words to negatively affect him by silencing him.  David kept talking.  1 Samuel 17:30, “And David said, “What have I done now? Was it not but a word?”  And he turned away from him toward another.”

People might do that to you, too.  You have a desire to live right, to follow Jesus, but other people might discourage you.  They might say things like, “Christianity is for wimps and the unintelligent.”  “I liked the old you better.  This new you is not fun anymore.”  Depending on how often you hear it and who you hear it from, you may get discouraged.  If you allow negative words like that to shape your identity, then you’ll never be who God wants you to become.  You will only be who others want you to become.  Take a lesson from David and turn away [from the voices] toward another.  David knew there was more to his life than what his brother wanted him to become, so he kept talking.  And it’s a good thing David kept talking.