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19 August 2011

WORDS Affect Identity – pt. 9

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David killed Goliath.  And everything David promised would happen, (1Sam. 17:50-51) happened.  That day, David became a hero and God was recognized as the One who gave David the strength to do it.  No one believed David could do what he just did, except God.  No one believed in David, except God.  God saw the potential to be the King of Israel, while others saw a useless kid.  Maybe you feel useless or have been told you are useless, that’s okay, because David was made to feel that way too.  He listened to the words of God and I’m sure used the negative words of others as incentive to rise above them.  He proved to those who spoke negatively about him that God ultimately shaped his identity. 

And, actually, there was one person who saw David the way God did.  Before David ever faced Goliath, one of Saul’s servants noticed David’s true identity.  1 Samuel 16:18, “One of the servants said, "I have seen a son of Jesse of Bethlehem play the harp. He is brave and courageous. He is a good speaker and handsome, and the Lord is with him."

The most important part of that scripture, the most important element that created a healthy identity in David was “the Lord was with him”.  If you want a healthy identity, one that will stand strong against the negative voices you will face in your lifetime, then you need the Lord with you.  A healthy identity is shaped when God is with you.