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13 September 2011

Life Lesson - 2011

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My pastor, Rod Loy, gave me, the other pastors on our team, and other key leaders of our church the task of discovering our greatest life lesson to share with our church. Thinking of ONE lesson over a lifetime is pretty challenging. Try it. Discovering the one lesson over my lifetime came to me quicker than I thought. I decided to share the journey my wife and I have been on for the last couple of years. I believe the purpose, the passion, and the desire to discover Jesus in the last two years of our lives has been THE most significant lesson of my life.  The direction in which my blog took over the last couple years has been a reflection of that lesson.  

Excuse my dry throat spell during the video.  Also, be aware, the video is 50 minutes long.  Thanks to so many of you who have supported and subscribed to my blog. Let’s inspire others to follow Jesus. 

Let’s grow, together,

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