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03 December 2011

Worship: More than Church Karaoke – pt.6

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I know we talk about God being our friend, and God is, but sometimes we forget that God is holy. I think we swing too far to the friend side that we forget about the holy side of God. God should be respected. God is on that level and I am on this level. There has to be an act of submission to God, because as much as we would like to act like God, we cannot. We are not God. We are not holy; God is. When we fully embrace that, then I believe it affects how we approach [worship] God. The Bible consistently talks about “the fear of God”. Sometimes it means actual fear, other times it means a reverent awe. Either way, we can actually meet with God. You and I can actually meet with a HOLY God. This is the way we should approach God, not with a list of demands like we control God, but with a heart of humility, because we are allowed in God’s presence. Worship is more than church karaoke: God is great, I am not. 

It took me nearly losing my life to discover that God is great and I am not. To discover that truth, I needed to surrender. Maybe that is the key. In that moment, struggling in the cove, I realized that I could not do anything to change my situation. I was doing all I could and nothing seemed to help. I needed to surrender, because I am not as great as I think I am. I needed to stop thinking that what I was doing (pre-drowning) was fooling God, because it wasn’t. I could attend all the services my church offered, I could listen to only KLove, I could surround myself with godly friends, I could even read the Bible devoutly, and give in offerings, but somehow those good, godly, things became traditions. My heart was not intent on surrender, just on appeasing my guilt. And in the words of Jesus, my worship became useless. 

I believe something needs to happen inside you and me that changes our heart and creates a desire to lose our life in order to save it. Jesus tells His disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” –Matthew 16:24-25 (English Standard Version) That is surrender. That is worship.

I nearly lost my life, physically, but that day, I did die….