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17 February 2012

A Bright Future?

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I do not like to think of myself as old, but I am a realist. I am growing old. In my lifetime, I have witnessed some pretty incredible technological advancement. I often wonder what it felt like when ideas like the radio, the television, the microwave, and space exploration (to name a few) was introduced. When new technology is expressed, my brain simply cannot comprehend. My present context does not allow me to see what most visionaries do. Their ideas seem more like fantasy than possibility. I hope to change that.

In high school, when my computer technology teacher expressed that one day people would watch television on their computers, it was unfathomable. Not only how could anyone, but why would anyone want to watch TV on a screen with light gray text and a black background? How much more DOS programming would have to be typed to watch video? Today, not only is Hulu the way I watch TV, but the video below was viewed on my phone. Wild! 

My first reaction to things I cannot comprehend is apprehension. I am sure there are spiritual, philosophical, and interpersonal parallels. I need to take the time to draw them. Maybe you are drawing them now. Whatever parallels are drawn, I do not like the reaction I initially have. Often, I feel it stifles creativity and the ability to dream. I am too concerned with the how and the why. I am an analyst. And although we need analysts in the world, I would like to have a better balance. Maybe you are like me. If you are, I want to stretch your mental capacity with a video my friend, Kane, sent to me through text (amazing to think about that!).

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