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19 March 2012

Waiting for Abraham...

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3:07PM. Nat is resting. I am watching over her, listening to the heartbeat of my son, replying to a text message from my dad about Dassah napping at our duplex, and writing this post. I am full of joy as I take in the moment of being husband and father. There is not enough time or words to type which would adequately express the joy of my heart, but I wanted to solidify a memory. With the moment now logged, I wait to hold Abraham.

Thanks to many of you for your heartfelt wishes, prayers, and positive words. Each one is very special to us and each one is read from our phones. You make us feel very loved.

From me, Natalie, Dassah, and soon-to-be entering-the-air-breathing-world Abraham, we love you.
Loading up the car for the hospital trip. Ready to meet Abraham.