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09 August 2012


12:01 AM Posted by steve flores 2 comments
This is a Public Service Announcement!

For those who do not know what Twitter is, click "here".

I have experienced, what I believe is, a “no-no” on Twitter (My wife says I am good at seeing things others don’t). When people I follow retweet [RT] a positive tweet from someone else, it just feels a little braggadocios to me (My mom once said I was a very intuitive person). For the definition of “Retweet”, click “here”.

A #RetweetingCompliment example by Bill Seaver:
First, Joe_Niceguy tweets:
     @Bill_Needslove sure did a great job on that project for us. He's the man!

Then a few minutes later Bill_Needslove tweets:
     RT @Joe_Niceguy: @Bill_Needslove sure did a great job on that project for us. He's the man!
  • If you received an email praising you for doing such a good job, would you forward it to all your contacts?
  • If you received a text from a friend that read, “You are such a great friend. Thanks for being there!” Would you copy and paste it to all your phone contacts?
  • If, in a face-to-face conversation, a person tells you that you are a great listener, would you proceed to tell that person of all the other persons who said the same thing?
Probably not, but apparently it is okay to do so on Twitter (Others have told me they like the concise way I write). Stop it. Simply, reply to the person “thank you for the RT.”

I have heard that by sharing an opinion in a comical way allows the message to be received quicker and easier. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert seem to get their message across that way, so I will send tweets to get the message across—hopefully, a subtle, yet comical way to drill the point home of how uncouth this Twitter practice is. Hopefully, you also understood the sarcasm in my ( ) too. 

Follow along or add to them by typing #retweetingcompliments at the end of your tweet.

Here's an example of a tweet I sent this morning:
     @steverayflores: Yeah! I knew you could do it, baby! I’m so proud of you! –What my parents said when I took my first few steps. #RetweetingCompliments

**And for those of you who think you have discovered a loophole by quoting the positive tweet someone else tweeted and then responding “thank you” at the end, it is the same thing. You sly little Tweeters!

You may return to your regularly scheduled activities (perusing Facebook, reading your Twitter feed, or browsing Pintrest).

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