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25 June 2013

Much More Beautiful and Fulfilling

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Dedicated to my wife.
I still remember the day I proposed to this beauty. It was October 4th, 2004. This picture was taken a couple hours before I proposed, at her apartment in Conway, AR. My look says it all. I was hiding a secret. I was nervous. I was ready to ask one of the biggest questions of my life and I wanted to get it over with. I tried to be calm and pretend that everything was okay, but inside my heart was pounding. Each picture her roommate took, I knew was documenting the history of one the most exciting, yet nerve-wrecking days of my life.

Then, I lied. I told her I forgot something by the church piano and asked if we could pick it up before our date that evening. I asked her to follow me into the sanctuary. Each step I took, it felt like my knees were about to buckle and my body would collapse. Her family hid in the media room of the church, watching as the cameras rolled to capture this moment. I never wondered what her answer would be. I knew it would be “yes,” but my mind raced with thoughts about the responsibilities of being her husband and the hopes of one day raising a family with her.

As I imagined on the day I proposed to her about the responsibility of being her husband and hopes of being a father, eight years later the reality is much more beautiful and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I love being her husband. I love being her partner in parenting. I love the support she has given me the last eight years of our marriage and nine years of our relationship. She has sacrificed much. She is an amazing wife, mother, and follower of Christ.

Happy anniversary, Natalie! Your husband loves you, truly, madly, deeply.