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09 September 2014

Looking for Employment - My Resume

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steve flores, lmsw
Round Rock, TX 78681  •
License #59668, TX jurisdiction

I am highly motivated, a self-starter, an experienced communicator, and empathic and effective counselor, with experience in grant writing. As a leader, I have experience with small to medium-sized teams, both volunteer and paid staff teams. I am competent working alone and adaptable working with teams. I am a teachable learner and listener, willing to take on challenges and projects. As a counselor/therapist, I have been an advocate, coach, and encourager for many across diverse audiences and geographic regions.  

Education __________________________________________________________________________

Master’s in Social Work, May 2014
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, AR

Bachelor of Science in Church Ministries, with specialization in Counseling Psychology, May 2000
Southwestern Assembly of God University; Waxahachie, TX

Social Work Experience ______________________________________________________________

First Assembly of God; North Little Rock, AR—2008 to 2014
Pastoral Care/Counseling
·         Provide emotional and spiritual support to a congregation of over 3,000 members on a range of issues (i.e., grief counseling, marital infidelity, low self-worth, alcohol addiction, Internet pornography related issues, family issues, and more) through weekly counseling sessions.
·         Collaborate with adult leaders and parents of children (aged 10 to 18 years) for goal-setting.
·         Equip and connect various resources (i.e., issue-related material and advice) to the eleven staff pastors at this location, the five pastors at our other five campuses, and a variety of volunteers and staff members.
·         Researched chronic illness in marriage. Wrote a piece of how chronic illness affects marriages with advice to support one another that was inserted into the Marriage Wellness Survey published by the church in 2011.
·         Provided mediation for marriages and was requested to provide mediation for a highly rated local radio station in Little Rock, AR. 
·         Demonstrated ability to work comfortably and effectively with individuals, families, and groups from a wide range of ages (youngest client—10 years old; oldest client—73 years old).
·         Evidenced compassion, care, and empathy to numerous congregants (and their family members) who were hospitalized for illness, surgeries, or end-of-life treatment.
First Assembly of God; North Little Rock, AR—2013 to 2014
Social Work Internship—Concentration year
·         Created individual and family assessments and intervention plans.
·         Conducted evaluations of practice with a single-subject design for clients (one client—alcohol addiction; another client—Internet pornography compulsion, other clients—premarital counseling).
·         Recognized by field instructor for being highly effective as a therapist, naturally empathic and engaging with individuals, couples, and families. Also recognized for having high ethical standards, an awareness of cultural diversity, a competency using various theoretical perspectives, and a natural drive to enhance personal practice—“regularly looking for ways to initiate new approaches and/or resources to clients.”
Department of Children and Family Services, North Little Rock, AR—2012 to 2013
Social Work Internship—Foundation year
·         Attended investigations of child maltreatment reports, forensic interviews, foster home quality inspections, parent group meetings, and multiple court hearings.
·         Recreated, updated, organized, and scheduled multiple case plans for adolescents “aging out” of the system.
·         Coordinated meetings between interdisciplinary teams (caseworkers, ad litems, and Office of Chief Counsel).
·         Conducted goal setting, evaluation, and supervised parent-child interactions with clients. Also, provided the necessary documentation to be submitted in court. Served as a parent-coach to families through a governmental pilot program called Zero to Three.

Accomplishments ____________________________________________________________________

Counseling Manual; North Little Rock, AR—2014
Researched other faith-based organizations of similar size to create a counseling policy manual. Demonstrated ability to engage in policy practice to advance social well-being and to deliver effective services by writing policies from various reputable helping services. Designed/redesigned specific forms (i.e., volunteer applications, client satisfaction surveys, intake forms, relapse prevention plan, etc.) to enhance counseling services.

Resource Booklet; North Little Rock, AR—2014
Compiled and created a booklet with listings of resources from the North Little Rock/Little Rock area. Resources included, but not limited to, are advocacy and support groups, adoption and family planning, counseling, crisis assistance, employment, health care services, substance abuse treatment, and hotlines.

Kids First; Little Rock, AR—2013
One of six presenters invited to a 2-day conference/training of social workers from around Arkansas, receiving continuing education, discussing complex cases, and/or reviewing clinical cases. Based upon my parent-coaching experience with the Zero to Three program, I shared the importance of working with the family—including them in the goal-setting process. Also communicated tips on building upon relationships, developing trust, respecting clients, communicating with providers, and how to identify and improve systemic issues in a non-judgmental way.

Zero to Three; North Little Rock, AR—2012 to 2013
Selected as the parent-coach representative for Pulaski County to attend a roundtable discussion with the county coordinator and therapists to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. Recognized as the most effective parent-coach in the county and also invited to speak at a national conference (Cross-sites).

Leadership Experience ______________________________________________________________

Metro Worship Center; Little Rock, AR—2005 to 2014
Adolescent/Worship Director     
Primary communicator and overseer of a weekly ministry to disadvantaged adolescents, with approximately fifteen hours of weekly studying and writing lessons. Lead and train 10 adult volunteers.  

First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, AR—2000 to 2010
Executive Director—2005 to 2010
Part of strategic planning team, mediated and carried out administrative tasks for senior pastor, led initiative to restructure and reformat from two to three services in 2008 and to create our first in-house written and produced Christmas Production in 2009.

Music Director—2003 to 2010
Service planner, organized, led, and trained 40 to 50 student and adult volunteer teams for 7 weekly services.

Young Adult Director—2002 to 2005
Researched and recruited a team to begin a weekly event for college-aged adults. Weekly service and event planner, worship leader, co-communicator, who organized and trained volunteer teams.

Junior High Director—2000 to 2005
Main communicator, music leader, service planner, event organizer, who led and trained 30 adult volunteers.

Volunteer Experience ______________________________________________________________

Feeding Homeless; Little Rock, AR                                                                                             2003 to 2014
Gathered supplies needed for weekend events to serve the homeless community. Also, volunteer at a yearly Thanksgiving outreach event that provides a meal, clothing, free haircuts, free legal services, homeless court, some medical screening services, books and balloons for children, ready-to-prepare Thanksgiving dinners for families, blankets and care packages for homeless, and more.

McDermott Elementary; Little Rock, AR                                                                                          2008 to 2009
Mentored 4th and 5th graders—read, played games, talked about achieving goals, and how to improve grades.